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Net Profiles is an online community providing a "Professional Web Presence" at a "Reasonable Cost".

Our service is targeted to organizations, small businesses, and home users who want an Internet presence to tap into the huge marketing potential of the World Wide Web. Your Internet presence can be established for a very reasonable cost. Contact us for details.

Start at any level and grow to your full potential with us.

Benefits ...

bulletAffordable start-up - Get on the Internet Highway with minimal investment and low monthly costs.
bulletUnlimited Growth - Grow your presence to any level your business requires - at your own pace.
bulletFlexibility - We can post changes to your site anytime.
bulletIndependent hosting - Email and web hosting that is independent of your ISP. Your email and web presence do not change if you change your ISP account.
bulletGood exposure - Access to an online business community to display your company and services. We link to many other sites to generate traffic through the Net Profiles directories and maximize your exposure to on-line shoppers.
bulletConvenient access - Your clients, friends, and associates can use your site to contact you and /or relay messages among themselves.
bullet Customer convenience - Post your information on-line so your customers can see it 24/7. Give your customers an easy way to contact you.

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Domain Name registration

In 1995 there were 330 million pages of information on the World Wide Web. Today that number has grown exponentially. How will people find your web site out there? The most important step in preparing for your web presence is selecting and registering an appropriate domain name. A good name will be easy to remember and related to your company name.

Domain names are registered with one of the world wide registries. Your domain name must be unique and is yours exclusively as long as you maintain the registration.

NPI can register your domain for you or use your existing domain.


Preliminary site design

How big should your site be? What should be included, excluded? What message should your site put across? How much should you budget to build your site and maintain it.

The preliminary design defines the scope of the web site. It lets the analyst provide you with a realistic cost and approach for developing the site. The design phase also allows involves you in the process and gives better feedback to the developer.


Site development

NPI will code your site and publish it to the server once the design has been completed. Your quote allows some flexibility for changes during the development phase. NPI can provide ongoing work in progress reports through out the setup. Our quotes are given as "Upset Pricing". We charge for actual time used to a maximum of the quoted price. We, therefore, tend to quote on the high side.



NPI can create a complimentary profile to jump start your web presence. This allows you establish a web presence while your site is being developed. The profile remains as a permanent link to your new web site.


Web Hosting

NPI's web sites are "hosted" at IX Webhosting - a world class Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is important to select a good service provider based on technical support, costs, and access. We have very competitive rates for hosting. You can also select your own service provider as long as we can get access to publish your site to their server.



The key to using technology is understanding. As with all our services, we help you understand. NPI offers training in many different areas including bookkeeping and QuickBooks.


Site maintenance

Your web site may have information that needs to be updated on a regular basis. People are drawn to web sites for two reasons … interest and information. Your clients will come for information, your prospects will come for interest. Updating your site on a regular basis helps create interest.

NPI provides clerical services at a very reasonable cost for site maintenance. We bill in 10 minute increments and bill when appropriate.


Custom graphics

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. People have very high expectations on the Information Super Highway. They expect to get information, and be entertained while they are getting it. Graphics add interest to your site. They also add identity through the use of logos, a very powerful marketing concept.



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